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 500px is a new photo sharing site a number of photographers are moving towards. Why is it so successful? The image quality and compression algorithm's 500px is using blow Flickr's right out of the water. The emphasis of the site is on selectively curated images, so it's less geared towards sharing of massive photo sets, or toward building the kind of community you find on flickr. That said, I can't stand the image quality you get on Flickr.

Here's a link to the same image I've linked to above, only on Flickr.

Open the two images side by side. Check out the skin texture and the detail of her dress. The flickr image is significantly rougher and softer than the 500px image.

I've begun to advise my wedding clients to not use flickr to share their photos with friends and family, and I offer a private, password protected gallery for their use through my photoshelter site. Why invest in a wedding photographer if you aren't going to show off the results in the highest quality possible?

I'd love to see Flickr address this problem, because it's such a great site with a great deal of user history. People have spent years building up contacts and communities on that site, but Yahoo seems content to let it slowly die on the vine. I'm not a software developer, but if 500px is able to deliver clear, large, beautiful images, I see no reason why Flickr can't do the same.

Oh, and to see the entire slideshow of my most recent wedding, Jennifer and Ovais's Fairmont Hotel Garden Ceremony, it's online now on my professional blog.
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